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This platform was created with one thing in mind, to simplify how potential sellers and landlords connect with buyers and tenants. We have seen the meteoric rise in options for everyone to utilise new online estate agents but despite their slightly lower fees, nothing has really changed. As far as we can see it is the only arena where technology is being use effectively to keep the industry at a standstill.

Enter, an online advertising platform that offers you the opportunity to upload your own listings accompanied with photographs, videos and full details of local amenities at a very low cost. You can then directly engage with buyers and tenants to arrange viewings at your convenience and, all being well, engage with our partners at reduced rates to quickly complete the sale/let of your property! We saw that everyone has started using similar online arenas for cars, household goods and so on, so why not have a dedicated website for listing your property?

As a newly created business we want to work with the best and most respected estate agents, house builders, homeowners and landlords across the West Midlands and the rest of the UK. So, what’s in it for you? Simply, FREE listings for a minimum of 3 months! Any individual or business that advertises residential or commercial property for sale or rent can have access to this offer! Terms and conditions apply.

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